Go contactless. No upfront cost.


Guests can check-in & download their keys prior to arrival & receive a notification when the room has been cleaned.


Message guests, send shoutouts for activities, extend stays and improve online ratings remotely via the Goki Dashboard.


Goki SmartLocks do not need to be wiped down as the hardware is injected with an additive, which means germs cannot live on the surface.

Before COVID-19

Our previous model was to charge Hostels upfront for their hardware & a monthly fee per room, per month for the software service.

After COVID-19

Now we offer Goki’s complete solution for 8 Euros per room, per month. Hostels who order by July 15, could pay as little as 6 Euros per room. 

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All this from 6 Euros per room, per month


Automatically issue every guest with a
SmartKey & PIN for their stay

How much does your hostel spend on keycards per year? How much time does your staff spend on keycards not working? Our SmartLocks integrate with your PMS & take all the hassle and cost out of guest access. So what are you waiting for? Streamline your check-in process & empower your staff to forge more meaningful connections with your guests.


Connects in minutes & automates
your entire check-in flow

Our SmartDiscs connect with any hostel lock and add the option of PIN & Mobile access. Once connected, every guest will automatically recieve a PIN or SmartKey for the length of their stay & a notification once their room is ready.

Hostel Dashboard

Streamline your check-in process & engage
more effectively with your guests

We have built the best guest management system in the world for hostels. Immediately see a snapshot of guest happiness, market what’s on, manage tasks via our Kanban system, send a message to a guest or shout to every guest – the possibilities are endless. Sign-up now!

“The operational savings & improvement in guest experience from using Goki are unparalleled in our industry.”

Tom CooneyDirector, Tourism Adventure Group

Guest App – Goki

Your phone is your key.

No guest likes long queues after long flights and filling in registration forms just to check-in. We’ve made check-in as easy as ordering an Uber. Check-in once – not every time you arrive at a new hostel – and simply get a notification when the room is ready. That’s why 69% of guests use their phone as their key on Goki.

See what’s on

86% of guests attend at least one activity, which improves online ratings.

Meet other guests

See who else is staying & have new friends waiting for you when you arrive.

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