Our Dashboard

Streamline your check-in process, lower staff overheads & create better guest experiences.

What’s on?

Let your guests know what’s on & who’s going!

Automate Workflows

Sit back & let Goki do the heavy-lifting or customise work flows for your staff

Manage Guests

Assign & complete daily tasks to maximise effciency


Send direct messages to each of your guests on their SmartPhone


Send a message to all of your in-house guests at the same time!


Percent of guests download Goki


Guests have used Goki to check-in


More likely to extend their stay at Goki Hostels

Your phone is your key

We’ve made check-in as easy as ordering an Uber.


Mobile check-in

Your guests are sent a SmartKey/PIN as soon as they are marked as checked-in on your PMS

Bye-Bye Plastic!

Guests can use their phone or PIN to access their room, removing the need for KeyCards or expensive encoders.

Better Guest Experience

Remove long queues after long flights, introduce guests to each other, let them know what's on & who's going.