We’ve worked at hostels and know what a pain locks are. Guests coming down because their keycards don’t work, buying expensive encoders and having to run up to the fifth floor to retrieve a lock audit! We solved these problems and built the world’s best SmartLock exclusively for Hostels.

Manage your property from your mobile, automatically issue SmartKeys/PINs to your guests & download lock audits to your Dashboard.

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We understand that you may have just updated your hostel locks or don’t have the budget to replace all your locks. With our SmartDiscs, you don’t have to… They connect with any hostel lock in minutes and make your dumb hostel locks Smart!

Our SmartDiscs communicate wirelessly with your locks. That means you don’t have to install the disc on the guest door – where tricky fire regulations come into play – and because we have no screws or wires, maintenance is a breeze.

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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Goki. We enable hostels to remove plastic from their operation – but also, we power our SmartProducts using rechargeable lithium. That means, no more throwing away AA batteries every couple of months – simply pop another battery module in when you receive a notification that power is running low.

Lithium lasts for 6 years and can power 50,000 consecutive opens!

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