Will GOKi work with my PMS?

We currently work with Mews, Cloudbeds, Guestcentrix (web), Counter & Charts – if your PMS isn’t listed it is a simple integration process. We ask that you contact your PMS and request the integration and we will take it from there. GOKi doesn’t charge anything for integrations. 

Mobile Keys & Check-in reduces the 'personal touch.'

Ask yourself – how personal is the antiquated check-in process at most Hostels? It is mostly transactional, time-consuming and admin heavy. 
GOKi streamlines your check-in process to enable more meaningful connections with your guests. 
Imagine being able to walk a guest up to their room because you are no longer working through a registration card? Or removing reception completely and letting staff mingle with new arrivals in social spaces – focusing on their needs rather than ticking boxes.  
Guests want convenience and the ability to curate their own stay. GOKi enables guests to choose the levels of ‘personal touch’ they are comfortable with… For example, message reception via GOKi or go down to reception, ask to extend their stay or respond to a notification on the app… Better guest experience is about creating better options for your guests.  

What’s really in it for the hostel?

There are many advantages to using the GOKi ecosystem and support our mission statement – Smarter Hostels, Happier Guests! 
  • Streamline check-in – typically our hostels pay back the investment in hardware (from lowering operational expenses) inside 6 months. 
  • COVID-safe – we offer a completely contactless guest experience from booking to opening the door!
  • Better Guest experience – guess what? Your guests kind of expect this now! It’s not just about saving your guest some time and having a nice digital solution for your digital guests; It’s about building a community around your brand… GOKi is the only product in the world that builds an online community for your hostel from booking, during and after your stay… let your guests know what’s on, who’s going and give them a chance to curate their own stay with you. The better the experience, the better the online rating. 
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$ – what could you do if you have 2/3rds of your guests on your own dedicated mobile channel? Send a shoutout to get them into your bar? Let them extend their stay (Free) or book another one of your properties? Get them to leave a review when they send you a bigger smiley emoticon 6hrs after checkin? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination… 

Guests don’t want to download an app

There is some truth to this! If you look at Hostels who have launched their own branded application – the download figure has been less than impressive – typically below 10% take-up. App real estate is expensive for the millennial traveller – and only the essentials get the green light. 
GOKi, however, has an average download rate of 60+%. Why? 
  • Network Effect – guests don’t want to download an app every time they check-in to a new hostel – they want one key that works at all hostels.
  • Solving Problems – GOKi makes check-in as easy as ordering an Uber; Save time – simply download your keys before arrival and receive a notification when your room is ready. No more long queues after long flights and filling in paperwork just to get to your room! 
  • It’s Social – because most guests download GOKi – we have created a mobile platform for guests to interact and see what’s on at their hostel. Other social applications struggle to get critical mass in specific areas (i.e. your hostel!) so lose their value proposition for the traveller. 

Mobile keys mean I need to replace all my locks!

GOKi SmartDiscs connect with your existing hostel locks in minutes and add the option of PIN and Mobile access. Your existing locks still function in exactly the same way – so you can still encode keycards for guests if you choose or if that is the guest’s preference. Our SmartDiscs are about inexpensively upgrading your locks and turning your hostel into a SmartHostel.

How do you verify guest ID prior to giving them access?

GOKi works with your PMS to verify every user prior to issuing a SmartKey or PIN. After booking, there are a number of ways we help guests get through check-in and into their room… The endpoint of each of these processes is to issue the guest with a SmartKey when you are satisfied your verification standards have been met. 
  • Web check-in – just like the airlines, guests are encouraged to fill out a web-check-in form after booking as part of the booking confirmation email. This feeds verification data into the guest folio section of the PMS. If the guests doesn’t fill out the web check-in form then – 
  • Kiosk Check-in – this can be done at your hostel when the guest arrives. Our Kiosk finds the guest booking via their email & booking ref, scans their ID and matches it against the guest folio details to verify ID.
  • Face-to-Face – Guests are only issued a SmartKey once the room is marked at clean/inspected. Some hostels still like to meet the guests prior to allowing them access via the GOKi system. In this scenario, Hostels can simply issue a SmartKey/PIN instead of encoding a Keycard. 

How do we install GOKi smart technology?

Our hardware is built to be easily self-installed via our online tutorial videos. This saves the hostel money as the task can easily be carried out by the onsite maintenance crew, rather than a few $150ph installers! For SmartDiscs, we need the details of your lock (if we don’t already have it) so that we can prepare an installation video for you. This involves sending a picture of the lock mechanism to our tech team so that they can work out the connection method.  For SmartLocks – we need a picture of your mortise to make sure our lock is compatible and that installation is quick and easy. 

Will GOKi take money away from our travel desk?

GOKi is your travel desk in your guests pocket. Imagine your guest booking a surf tour while at the beach – with GOKi, you make your commission even when the guest is nowhere near your travel desk. GOKi uses social proofing to drive a higher conversion rate of experience purchases. For example – guests can get real time reviews from other guests about things they might want to experience; GOKi hostels benefit from this – and can access a previously untapped revenue centre – in-destination mobile purchases. 
Hostels are in complete control over what experiences are recommended to guests via the app and of course if the travel desk has a special – send a shoutout and tell the in-house guests to come down!

Mobile keys aren’t safe!

The communication between our SmartKey & Hardware is encrypted, secured and cannot be intercepted. The randomised nature of the algorithm makes it far harder to hack than traditional lock systems. The GOKi lock ecosystem is designed in such a way that the ‘handshake’ happens at regular intervals – so the session key keeps changing.

I have metal keys currently - how does GOKi work with older locks?

For Hostels with metal keys – we have the GOKi SmartLocks. This means you can replace your old lock with the all in one solution – which is also appropriate for new builds where you haven’t yet purchased a lock. Our SmartLocks are packed full of features

What happens if the guest's phone runs out of battery?

Firstly, I am yet to meet a millennial traveller that has committed the cardinal sin of allowing their battery to run out! But if that did ever happen, every guest is also issued with a unique PIN for the length of their stay to their email. 
In addition to this, at any time, staff can generate a new PIN for a guest using the ‘Chief’ application or the GOKi dashboard

Guests prefer keycards!

At one of our hostel groups, we have 1600 check-ins per day – guess how many keycards are encoded? ZERO! 
Why is that?
  • Sustainability – the idea of removing plastic from your operation is appealing to hostels from a cost-saving perspective – but it also resonates deeply with your guests. Hostels with a focus on sustainability are more attractive to youth travellers – with GOKi there is no need for plastic keycards, paper registration forms or expensive encoders. 
  • We have PIN! – GOKi is the only company in the world that has built a solution that retrofits with your existing locks and offers PIN… Why is that important? Well, to fully automate the check-in process, you need to have an option for guests who don’t want to download an app. We issue a SmartKey AND PIN to every guest for the length of their stay – this means you don’t have to encode keycards for some guests – greatly improving operational efficiencies for your business.  

SmartLocks consume loads of power - will I be changing batteries every 2 minutes?!

Actually, Bluetooth is low energy and doesn’t consume more energy than a normal hotel lock. Where GOKi differs, is that we are the first lock company in the world to use rechargeable lithium in our locks. Lithium batteries last 6 years and you will receive a notification if any battery is running low on power – then simply pop in one of our charging docks and you are back in business! Rechargeable lithium is more sustainable and cost-effective, as your staff won’t be throwing out AA batteries every couple of months. 

If the guest has no Wi-fi/Data - how do they get into their room?!

Our system works using Bluetooth. As long as the guest has already downloaded GOKi, they will be able to access their SmartKey and open their room/common areas without Wi-Fi or data. 

How GOKi is different from other SmartLock companies?

Goki is more than just a key. We can help your hostel with –
  • Easier payments – you can send payment requests via messaging for anything from an unpaid balance to a burger in the bar. We store the guests credit card details to make transactions for your guests (and revenue for our hostels) easier to achieve. 
  • Analytics on travellers to understand guest behaviour
  • Drive guests to other revenue centres at your property.
  • Revoke access for trouble makers – keeping the guest experience enjoyable for everyone.
  • Proactive sentiment tracking to improve online ratings. 

How does GOKi work with Hostelworld? Can guests book accommodation on the platform?

Guests can book their next stay on our platform and benefit from checking-in and downloading their keys prior to arrival. 
A few things we do to help our Hostels…
  • We encourage guests to extend their stay at your hostel via automated notifications. 12 hrs before check-out, a guest is asked if they want to extend and for how many nights – then this extension is completed at zero commission. GOKi guests are three times more likely to extend via this method as opposed to creating a new booking. 
  • GOKi Premium listing – for groups – their properties will be listed first – a little bit like premium property listings on Hostelworld. By shining a light on your property, we will generate more bookings for our GOKi sites. 

Why is Hostelworld investing in GOKi? What’s the long-game here?

Hostelworld’s strategy is to partner and invest in innovative technology businesses within the hostel market. In particular, Hostelworld wants to invest in solutions which improve the Hostelworld experience for both hostel guests and hostel owners and differentiate Hostelworld from other Online Travel Agencies. GOKI guests will have access to Hostelworld inventory, allowing them to make their next booking after check-out and move seamlessly between the two platforms, whether this is to engage directly with other guests, the hostel or to book ancillary activities.

Speeding the check-in by data sharing? What about the privacy?

We take data protection extremely seriously. We do not data share between hostels unless the traveller is going to stay at your hostel. And also user should manually fill in the check-in form every time unless they have enabled profile sharing via their account on Goki app or previous check-in form they have completed.

How about a free trial?

All you need to trial Goki is x1 SmartDisc… from that, you can test all guest scenarios and see our system in action. If you want to organise a trial we will pay for your SmartDisc (and only ask that you pay the freight costs to your property).

Ok, I’m sold - when can I get set-up with GOKi!?

Right now! Fill in your details on this website and you will hear back from a Goki Account Manager or reach out to our CEO – Jack Bowcott – jack@goki.travel

Got a Sales or Media Enquiry?

Sales enquiries or requests for press or media packs should be made to our CEO Jack Bowcott – jack@goki.travel

Got another question?

If your question isn’t covered here – feel free to email us at hello@goki.travel – or tap the green support button on the bottom left and see if you can find an answer there.

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